Non Toxic Grout Cleaning Services for Pets

We love our dogs and cats, but they sure can make a mess! They track mud and dirt into the house, they topple their food and water bowls, they leave behind that distinct doggy odor, and they have accidents — all of which require the right clean-up products.

At Grout Rhino, we understand that keep your pets are part of your family. That is why we offer you non toxic grout cleaning products and services, to keep your home clean and your family and pets safe.

Grout Cleaning Tampa Pet Safe Non-Toxic

The Problem with Commercial Grout Cleaning Products

According to the ASPCA Complete Guide to Pet Care, poisoning is the most common emergency among pets. Household cleaners like bleaches, detergents and polishes are some of the most dangerous culprits. Studies have shown that exposure to toxic levels of household chemicals can also result in genetic damage and cancer.

The most common household cleaners can affect indoor air quality, and considering that family pets spend most of their time inside, and are closer to surfaces such as floors, rugs and upholstery, they are more susceptible to the negative impact of these substances. Cats can be particularly sensitive to chemical compounds containing phenols usually found on disinfectant sprays.

Products that contain corrosive agents, like bleaches and anything with a high acid or alkaline content, can cause irritation if they come into contact with an animal’s skin. They can also harm mucus membranes if they are lapped up or inhaled.

Take a Safer Route with Grout Rhino’s Non toxic Grout Cleaning Services

Fortunately, you do not have to sacrifice a sparkling clean home floors for the health of your best friend. For animals guardians who would like to completely avoid the hazards of toxic cleaners, Grout Rhino offers safer, more natural grout cleaning products and services.
Not only our grout cleaning products are non-toxic and far less irritating to the skin, they’re also biodegradable and much easier on the earth than commercial household products.

Avoid damage your tile and grout with homemade grout cleaning products

The most common DIY grout cleaner used by homeowners is our old friend the vinegar. Vinegar is indeed safe for some tile floors, as long as you exercise caution. The more porous the tile, the less liquid you should use.

If you allow excess vinegar to remain in the pores, it can discolor or damage the tile over time. Furthermore, you should never use vinegar on an authentic marble or granite tile. Over time, vinegar can actually dissolve the material.

Just grout cleaning won’t help on the long run: Try our professional grout sealing

Most of pet owners already know how that urine stains grout. Grout is porous by nature and having pets around does not make it easier to keep the grout lines looking clean. You need to get one step ahead of the moisture, and seal the grout. Grout Rhino’s color grout sealing ColorSeal allows you to protect and preserve your existing grout. Our superior grout sealing treatment stain proofs grout so dirt and spills cannot soak in. Keep your home clean, safe for your family and pets with Grout Rhino.