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Does your travertine grout look dull and worn down? Do you want your tile to shine and be a unique part of your home like the photo above? Grout Rhino’s professional tile and grout cleaning services are here to make your travertine tile look warm and beautiful with travertine grout cleaning Tampa! Over time if the grout in your travertine tile is not properly cleaned it can get dirty or stained. Grout Rhino’s Travertine grout cleaning Tampa will preserve the grout in your travertine tiles and help protect it from the dust and stains from everyday life!

A little more about Travertine tiles and Grout

Travertine floors are crafted from natural limestone tiles that create impressive floors with their warm, neutral colors. Travertine tiles, different than what most people believe, are installed with wide or narrow grout lines around each travertine tile. After your floor is professionally installed, proper maintenance is critical to preserve the integrity of the travertine and grout. Preserve the beautiful appearance of your travertine tile floors and enjoy fresh looking grout with professional travertine grout cleaning that used only careful cleaning practices.

How to Clean Travertine Grout Lines

As you may already know, your travertine naturally has many holes and depending on the style you have, may or may not have those holes filled in. Some travertine is unfilled, which has the greatest potential to become dirty and will need to be cleaned more often. There are also travertine that is partially filled with grout, still leaving a low area in the tile, where dirt can collect.

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The most important thing you need to know about cleaning travertine is not to use strong chemicals. For deep cleaning travertine, we recommend professional natural stone cleaner that is safe for marble and travertine. Part of travertine maintenance is keeping the travertine sealed.

Professional Travertine Grout Cleaning in Tampa

Travertine tile is unique and reliable tile. It is also easily stained and needs to be cleaned appropriately to retain its beauty. As you can see below Grout Rhino’s travertine grout cleaning Tampa transformed this clients floor and put color back into their home.Travertine-Grout-Cleaning-Tampa


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