Tile Cleaning common mistakes

Tile Cleaning common mistakes

During all my years of experience in tile and grout cleaning, I have seen some common cleaning mistakes and misconceptions on how to properly maintain your grout and tile.  I’ve listed a few of the most common grout and tile cleaning common mistakes below:

tile cleaning common mistakes in tampa

DIY Steam Cleaning your tile and Grout

Those sold-in-stores steam cleaning machines can damage your grout and surrounding areas like cabinets, baseboards, or the tile installation itself.

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If the pressure is too high, the water vapor can actually remove the surface layer of grout. I’ve received  complaints about steam cleaning actually removing whole chunks of grout from floors. (see damaged grout picture on left)

Also, if grout is cleaned and not sealed, even if that “new look” is achieved upon cleaning, the grout will again stain.


Grout Rhino tile and grout cleaners are manually applied to your floor to ensure a thorough job without damaging surrounding areas.

tile and grout cleaning color sealing tampa fl

Tile Cleaning with Bleach and Ammonia Based Cleaners

Do not use bleach and ammonia based cleaners. There are plenty of other products out there that are milder and will get you squeaky clean results. Bleach and ammonia based cleaners will discolor your grout lines over time. It may happen very gradually, but it will happen. Try using a mild all-purpose cleaner, or the manufacturer’s suggested product, instead.

Letting Spills Sit

Don’t let spills sit for any length of time. The same stains that will discolor your clothes, will seep in and discolor your tile and grout. Oily stains, tomato stains, and drink stains can all sink into your tile, so wipe them up quick.

Not having Doormats

tile cleaning common mistakes in tampa fl

Most of the dirt that comes into our homes, does so via your shoes. Be sure to position a doormat outside and inside each surface of your home. You’ll catch most of the dirt before it ever has a chance to get near your tile.

Not Caulking and Sealing

Tile surfaces that are exposed to water will need to be caulked. Periodically inspect the caulk to make sure it isn’t peeling away from the tile surface.
Similarly, sealing will protect your grout from damage and wear and tear. It also offers more stain protection.

ColorSeal – Grout Rhino’s Color sealing process

All grout needs to be sealed, with the sole exception of 100% epoxy grout which does not accept any sealer. This includes polymer modified grout. These cement-based products are porous, and will stain if not properly sealed.

tile and grout cleaning color sealing tampa fl

ColorSeal is Grout Rhino’s most impressive color restoration process.  Whether you call it “dye my grout”, “paint my grout”, “stain my grout”, or “re-color my grout”, this process is designed to make your grout look like new.

To avoid tile cleaning common mistakes, hire Grout Rhino, a professional tile cleaning and grout sealing company in Tampa, FL. Call Us at (203) 273-6803 or Contact Us today to request your Free Estimate and Free Demonstration of our powerful Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing Services.  If you would like, find us on Facebook,  Twitter and Google Plus.