How to Pick Grout Color


Make sure that your new tile selection is complemented with the right color grout. You may be wondering how to pick grout color and what might go into it? With the many grout color choices out there Grout Rhino is here to make this process easier with some simple tips.

How to Pick Grout Color


Choosing a grout color is just as important as the tile selection. It allows for your floor to look complete and natural next to your tile. With the many different shades and colors of grout start by asking yourself if you want your grout to contrast, match, or blend into your tile. After you decide if you want your grout to contrast, match, or blend to your tile it is easier to pick a color. Doing this first will help you not be overwhelmed by the amount of grout color choices. Grout Rhino’s colorseal process not only puts the color into your grout but it seals it! This sealing process makes your grout stain-resistant, water-resistant, and mold-resistant that is designed to last for  years.

Colorseal Grout Color Choices

We offer our grout sealing ColorSeal in 13 different colors to compliment your existing tile color or change the grout color to something you’ll really like!   Choose from one of our 13 stylish grout sealing colors and let us make your floor look beautiful. Not only is the colorseal process one that will last for years but we’re proud to use top-of-the-line environmentally safe grout sealing materials on our customer’s tiled surfaces!

Grout Rhino - Grout Color Chart Options


Knowing how to pick grout color can be long and difficult. Make it easy with Grout Rhino! We will make sure your home feels like home.   Call us today for a Grout Sealer ColorSeal FREE Estimate(203) 273-6803.